Perro de Presa Canario

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The stocky dog with a stern look has an impulsive and energetic temperament, which it inherited from the ancestors. The character, as well as the appearance of the dog is strong and aggressive. Dog is confident, calm and cautious, it will not be in vain to make a fuss, but it will always be on the lookout.

If there is the slightest danger, it will immediately come to the rescue (read more But, with the owner, who managed to win the trust of the dog, it is gentle and affectionate. The dog treats strangers with distrust. Even if you visit the house where Dogo Canario lives, it is unlikely to let you in. The dog has good relations with the rest of the family, but it is better not to leave it alone with the children. In relation to other dogs it demonstrates dominance, it gets along well only with dogs, which have weaker nature and especially with the opposite sex. The dogs live about 12-14 years.


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Sharplaninac is quite a versatile dog that can perform the duties of a shepherd as well as to be a reliable guard, and, of course, a great companion for its favorite host. The name Sharplaninac received in honor of its place of origin - the mountainous terrain Sharplanin that is in Macedonia, on the border with Albania. Currently this breed is a national treasure of Yugoslavia. By the way, there were times when the breeders of these dogs could be only the state military and police kennels.

This breed is considered to be rather rare. That's why the price is going to be rather high. The average price for such puppy is usually not less than $1000. If you find the lower price it may mean that this is not a real pedigree dog without the necessary documents proving its breed. It may also vary from breeder to breeder and the place you are going to buy your puppy. One more factor is the quality of the dog: the show quality puppies cost more than ordinary pet quality puppies which should be taken into account if you are not going to take part in dog shows (read about Blue Heeler Puppies For Sale).

Toy Fox Terrier

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Toy Fox Terrier is a small apartment dog, it is active, agile and has strong physique. The fox terrier is faster and easier to train than any other terrier. Despite their size, these dogs are confident, fearless, they are hard to scare. The main thing in the life of the fox terrier is a person, the owner, without which they become depressed. They cannot be left alone for a long time, otherwise your property and the apartment will be in danger, and the neighbors won't be delighted to listen to endless barking.

These small little dogs have not only a charming appearance, but also a loving heart, devotion, gratitude and a sense of humor. Toy Fox Terrier loves children, loves to play with them. It also gets along great with all pets, whether it is a cat or a dog or any other animal with which it was raised. Toy Fox Terrier may exhibit aggression towards dogs of the same sex, if they feel a threat from their side. When there are no irritants, dog shows love, devotion, shows tricks that it was trained - Dogo Argentino For Sale.

Volpino Italiano

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Volpino Italiano dogs have lively character. They are energetic and noisy dogs which are very attached to the master. Dogs of this breed are playful and funny, but at the same time vigilant and attentive. They treat outsiders with suspicion and are ready to raise the alarm at any time, and to defend the owner and his property. These dogs are intelligent and obedient. They get along well not only with adults but also children.

The most active of all is the Spitz Volpino Italiano. These dogs love to make some noise regardless of the reason. Volpino Italiano is very attached to his master and in need of constant contact with him. Due to its playfulness that Spitz would be a good friend to children. With this dog is impossible to become bored. Remember that Volpino Italiano is very difficult to tolerate the loneliness.They live about 11-13 years.