Sarplaninac Temperament and Lifespan

Sharplaninac is quite a versatile dog that can perform the duties of a shepherd as well as to be a reliable guard, and, of course, a great companion for its favorite host. The name Sharplaninac received in honor of its place of origin - the mountainous terrain Sharplanin that is in Macedonia, on the border with Albania. Currently this breed is a national treasure of Yugoslavia. By the way, there were times when the breeders of these dogs could be only the state military and police kennels.

How Much Does a Sarplaninac Cost and Price Range

This breed is considered to be rather rare. That's why the price is going to be rather high. The average price for such puppy is usually not less than $1000. If you find the lower price it may mean that this is not a real pedigree dog without the necessary documents proving its breed. It may also vary from breeder to breeder and the place you are going to buy your puppy. One more factor is the quality of the dog: the show quality puppies cost more than ordinary pet quality puppies which should be taken into account if you are not going to take part in dog shows (read about Blue Heeler Puppies For Sale).

Sarplaninac Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally Sharplaninac is a big but compact dog with harmonious body, strong bones and massive head. The height of the dog at the withers is 62 cm for males and 58 cm for females, weight is about 35-45 kg and 30-40 kg respectively. For the Yugoslav shepherd dog is typical the hearty and dense hair coat with well- developed undercoat. During molting fur of the dog should be carefully combed. Thanks to a magnificent coat, the dog can be kept on the street, in almost any climate. As for the color, it is considered to be valid if it is solid color from white to black, desirable - steel or dark gray.

Sarplaninac Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

If we talk about the nature of these dogs, then let us say at once - it is not easy. A potential owner must know that it is an independent animal. These dogs are not particularly fond of study, because they do not feel any benefit for themselves. It is unlikely that you will build a relationship of subordination of Sarplaninac because this dog doesn't serve but rather helps the person to solve certain problems.

But self-sufficiency which the Yugoslav shepherd dog demonstrates doesn't negate the devotion of the dog, for which we appreciate and love our four-legged friends. In this sense, Sarplaninac is the most common dog, loyal, incorruptible and ready to stand up for its master til the end.