Toy Fox Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Toy Fox Terrier is a small apartment dog, it is active, agile and has strong physique. The fox terrier is faster and easier to train than any other terrier. Despite their size, these dogs are confident, fearless, they are hard to scare. The main thing in the life of the fox terrier is a person, the owner, without which they become depressed. They cannot be left alone for a long time, otherwise your property and the apartment will be in danger, and the neighbors won't be delighted to listen to endless barking.

These small little dogs have not only a charming appearance, but also a loving heart, devotion, gratitude and a sense of humor. Toy Fox Terrier loves children, loves to play with them. It also gets along great with all pets, whether it is a cat or a dog or any other animal with which it was raised. Toy Fox Terrier may exhibit aggression towards dogs of the same sex, if they feel a threat from their side. When there are no irritants, dog shows love, devotion, shows tricks that it was trained - Dogo Argentino For Sale.

The dogs' lifespan is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Toy Fox Terrier Cost and Price Range

The price for Toy Fox Terrier varies from $1500 to $2000. It depends on the dog quality and the breeder's location. There is the difference between the pet quality dogs and the show quality dog which costs more than the dog without documents and which is not allowed to take part in dog shows due to some inconformity to the standard.

Toy Fox Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

American Toy Fox Terrier has an elegant and fit figure with a flexible and proportioned body. Its weight is from 1 to 4 kg and height is 20-25 cm .Thin slender legs and a small head with big ears make it look very delicate. The coat of the animal is soft, smooth and glossy. Color can be snow-white, or with different colored spots, which give the dog eccentricity and fun. And you will never forget the look of this kid - it is surprisingly attentive, inquisitive and sincere.

Toy Fox Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Dogs of the terrier breed was bred in the United States in the 30s of the last century. Initially, they were used as rat-catchers and circus dogs, today they mostly used as ordinary pets and companions. "Parents" of this breed is the smooth-haired terrier and miniature size of the fox terrier and Chihuahua. This breed is often called Amertoy (the American one), in 2003 the American Kennel Club fox terrier that was related to the Toy, family however,it is still not officially recognized.